6 New Features for UIFlow 1.4.0 (beta)

UIFlow is a Web based IoT programming platform using Blockly and Python. With UIFlow, you can build your project faster and easier, as well as learn python.

Currently UIFlow has been updated to 1.4.0 (beta), introducing the new features.

1.SD card

Now you can use UIFlow to access SD card, read and write files to it.


Map is the commonly used dictionary function, to easily create or edit a dictionary and to find or create keys and values in it.


Handling JSON is often used for network data processing and the new UIFlow version comes with blocks help simplifying the process.


ESP NOW (from Espressif) can establish a low power local network (peer to peer) connection for non-Wi-Fi based control and data collection.


Now an HTTP request link can be sent easily to get network data by just ‘drag and drop’ of a single block, no longer needing to write the POST and GET request codes.


These set of blocks can be used to create UI (User Interface) Dashboards to visualize data and control the core remotely through MQTT.


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  • GenVex

    Yes ,at least you need an example code for every unit.

  • wei

    Can you share more sample codes? You can publish the testing code for the new features. That will make developer life much easily. Now I have spent a lot of time on SD read/write, RGB ….. and still can not make them work

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