Such a Battle of ideas! M5Stack Japan Creativity Contest 2022 Winners Announced

Birds can broadcast news? Robot babies can drink milk? People can use Ultrasound to measure wind speed? At M5Stack Japan Creativity Contest 2022, technology and creativity collide, turning every idea into reality.



Innovation can promote the advance of human civilization. Deep inside, everyone’s heart hides a "seed" of innovation. Upholding the concept of "Quick&Easy IoT Development", M5Stack helps every "seed" sprout and grow into a huge tree with its easy-to-develop hardware and software solutions. In collaboration with Switch Science, M5Stack launched the M5Stack Japan Creativity Contest 2022. This month, this contest came to an end, and we received 153 creative entries from, let’s find out the winners.

First Prize*1


Second Prize*3


Third Prize*4



Special Prize*5

Industrial Applications Prize

Industrial Applications Prize

Commercial Promotion Prize


Research Idea Prize

Visual Effect Prize


M5Style Prize


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