10 Top-Selling M5Stack Products in 2020

The end of 2020 is coming up fast so it's the time of the year that calls for having a reflection of the year.

Here are 10 Top-Selling M5Stack products in 2020.

1 M5Stack ATOM Matrix & M5Stack ATOM Lite

M5Stack ATOM Matrix

M5Stack ATOM Matrix, at only 24 x 24mm, is the most compact development board in the M5Stack development kit series. It will be the preferred kit if you need a display or IMU sensor for your project. 

M5Stack ATOM Lite

M5Stack ATOM Lite is suitable for smart home controllers, alarm, temperature and humidity sensors, smart keys and more.

2 ESP32 Basic Core IoT Development Kit

ESP32 Basic Core IoT Development Kit is still a best-selling product keeping Its original DuPont interface. It greatly meets the geek master's play space and wins the fans. Due to the openness, there are many open source modification projects emerging, it is also easier to DIY. As the most experienced Core, online code resources are very rich. 

It is a full-function, and easy for developers to handle new product development on all stages including circuit design, PCB design, software, mold design and production.

3 M5StickC & M5StickC PLUS


M5StickC Development Kit and its compatible HATs are Qualified for AWS IoT.

M5StickC has been a best-seller product since its launch. It is popular not only for its tiny size but also for its low price. As a mini controller, M5StickC has a lot of applications and online code resources. If you're a starter, get started with it.


M5StickC PLUS is the upgraded version of M5StickC, with a larger LCD screen, a more powerful battery, and a built-in buzzer.

The screen of the new module is larger (1.14,  instead of 0.96) and has a higher resolution (135×240 pixels instead of 80×160). The new battery has 40 mAh more capacity and a buzzer is now also built-in. Furthermore, the HAT port has an extra GPIO pin (G25), there are 2 additional mounting holes at the back. All other properties have remained the same compared to the previous module.


M5StickC Plus



1.14″ ColorLCD, 135×240

0.96″ ColorLCD, 80×160


120 mAh

80 mAh




8-pin HAT port

G0, G25/G36, G26, G32, G33

G0, G36, G26, G32, G33

Mounting holes




ESP32-Pico Wifi/Bluetooth 4MB



Motion sensor

MPU6886 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer

Realtime Clock



Grove port, 2 buttons, red LED, IR LED, magnet

Battery circuit





48.2 x 25.5 x 13.7 mm


4 ESP32 GREY Development Kit with 9-Axis Sensor

M5Stack GREY Kit is one of the M5Stack development kit series, which is an upgrade from the Basic kits. In comparison, Grey kit provides an extra IMU sensor, BMM150 + MPU6886. With a IMU posture sensor, there are a lot of situations which you can apply this kit to: detecting acceleration, angulation, and trajectory. You can make relative products like sports data collectors, 3D remote gesture controllers and more based on the above functions.

5 Timer Camera Series

M5Stack Timer Camera series is the upgraded version of ESP32 Camera modules, with Wake Timers, Ultra-Low Power Consumption and 3MP Camera features. It is a good solution to take pictures in timelapse every x seconds/minutes/hour, or monitor rooms.

6 M5Stack CORE2

Here’s why this item keeps selling out: The M5Stack CORE2 is the first M5Stack device with the touch-enabled display. It’s confirmed to have better features, which suits for the various IoT applications. M5Stack CORE2 features a compact case with a width of 54 mm and a depth of 54 mm that can be stacked, and the functions can be expanded by connecting optional modules such as a motor. Battery capacity also increased from 150mAh to 390mAh. In addition to the function to notify the remaining battery level with LED, it is equipped with a vibration function and so on.

7 M5Stack ATOM ECHO 

M5Stack ATOM ECHO is a tiny programmable smart speaker. Its design is based on the M5Stack ATOM series of products. The slim design has a dimension of 24×24 and is 17mm in height. Its premium finish gives it a professional look and makes it easy to carry anywhere.

8 ENV II Unit with Temperature Humidity Environment Sensor

ENV II is an environment sensor which can sense temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It is built with SHT30 and BMP280 sensors and is programmed over I2C.

SHT30 is a digital temperature and humidity sensor with high precision and low power consumption.

BMP280 is an absolute barometric pressure sensor that is specially designed for mobile applications. It offers the highest flexibility to optimize the device regarding power consumption, resolution and filter performance.

9 COM.X Series

M5Stack COM.X is a series of modules which can be stackable with M5Stack CORE device to implement expansion features.

10 Time-of-Flight Distance Ranging Sensor Unit

ToF is a popular sensor to measure distances. Compared with general ultrasonic sensors, it is not affected by the object material. There is a better performance in sensitivity and tolerance. It can be used to implement obstacle avoidance and measuring distances.


2020 has been a challenge to us all - Hope as 2021 comes we will now see a light at the end of the tunnel.



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